iclick apps offer the largest local phone application network in the MENA region. It covers more than 75,000 applications to reach up to 80 million unique devices across MENA. iclick runs on CPM, CPC, CPI cost models.

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iclick targeting options

six layers of targeting to ensure the maximum ROI.

types of ads

rich media

big ideas can’t be limited to the small size of a mobile screen. our technology renovate mobile ads to go beyond all the limitations and allows you to richen your ads with videos, games, forms, animation, polls, maps. you name it. our rich media ads are literally limited by your imagination

rich media indepth reporting

we take the whole campaign a huge step forward by providing the client with the most comprehensive insights about their mobile users. we provide data about the user behavior and how they have interacted with every single element of the creative. we provide stats starting from the number of interactions to identify the length of time the user spent watching the video or interacting with the creative.

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